2017 Best Jobs in America and 2017 Worst Jobs in America

Careercast.com released its annual job rankings for 2017. They rank 200 careers based on Income, Growth Outlook, Work Environment, and Stress.

It’s no surprise that the top jobs are STEM-based. I do question the algorithm. I mean, they have Computer Programmer at #49 with Projected Growth = “Very Poor”. Aerospace Engineer also gets Very Poor Projected Growth, despite defense spending continuously increasing, despite Jeff Bezos’ investment in the space, despite the future of personal flying devices and the growth of drone technologies and uses.

Yet, the Projected Growth for Hair Stylists is Good.

Also surprising are some of the jobs towards the bottom of the list. Firefighter at #193. I never met a firefighter that didn’t love their career. They love the schedule and the security (pension) and they ENJOY fighting fires.

In fact, the further I dig into this, the less I value this report. In fact, I’d say that I don’t value it much at all. But it’s still interesting to see.


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  1. Military make a hell of a lot more than what you list. Its just not in spendable cash. If you look at the benefits, they make well over $60k starting given the benefits (like discount and free housing, practically free food, free health care, free child care, and discounts for all their lives). Realistically, military with zero skills are making well above median and unlike normal middle class folks, they can actually save money. On top of that, the benefits just get better and their life expectancy (believe it or not) is actually higher than normal working folks and their mortality rate is lower! You are more likely to die from a car accident in any city than you are from being deployed in Afghanistan. This is a fact. If I knew then what I know now, I would have gone straight to the military after high school. Save every penny, invest in a house or stocks, and you can literally retire in less than 20 years (by age of 38) as a millionaire is you just invest in stuff from the start. The key however is you cant go around spending every penny you get. This is where most military people make a mistake. As soon as they get money, they go out drinking and partying it up. I have never seen more sports cars in my life than when I was working for the army. Every other officer with had a $30k-$50k sports car. This is why they are broke when they leave.

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